it can be hard to identify the underlying causes of your emotional and behavioral challenges. A comprehensive assessment can provide insight into these questions and help to develop a more focused treatment approach. This process typically entails gathering a full psychosocial history, a clinical interview, and standardized assessment (as needed).


Individual counseling sessions are typically 50-minutes, once per week. The duration of treatment will largely depend on your presenting issue goals. Some people pursue counseling as a long-term, self-care strategy while others are solution focused and seeking assistance with a specific concern. I also offer "Walk-and-Talk" sessions for clients who prefer meeting outdoors or for moms who want to bring their babies with them. In response to Covid-19, I also offer tele-health (virtual) sessions.

Comprehensive Assessment
Individual Counseling
The treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and maternal mental health requires a thorough understanding of evidence-based treatment and significant clinical experience. As a clinician and educator, I have provided training to government agencies and private organizations who are looking to increase their understanding and knowledge related to women's mental health or are in need of curriculum development to support client need. Please contact me directly for more information regarding training or program development needs.  

I provide licensure supervision for individuals pursuing credentialing through the Virginia Board of Counseling. Please contact me directly for more information.


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Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

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